The padRelax Story

From 2010 to today

April 2010

A new Apple product is on the market for a few months. It is the so-called iPad- an innovative device that consists of a large but shallow display. It is lighter than a notebook, but newspapers, magazines and even books can be comfortably read on it. Videos, such as cooking recipes, make-up tutorials or favorite movies, can finally be watched directly in the kitchen, on the counter or in bed. Skyping, chatting, surfing the web- everything is much nicer with the larger display. But there is a problem: after a while, it becomes inconvenient. If it is held too long, you hands hurt. If it lays flat on the table, you neck becomes stiff. There must be an solution to fix this, right?

August 2010

The first prototypes were made of metal and were quite rigid. We were unable to use them on soft surfaces, such as a bed or sofa. Steffen was convinced that something new could be created- something flexible, practical and suitable. It was then he created the idea for a pillow as an iPad holder. A few days later he called the product designers and found an experienced seamstress. His idea was becoming a reality.

March 2011

After many sketches, designs and prototypes the perfect pillow was created, sent to selected bloggers and tested. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. That same month, Steffen founded the company “padRelax” and began producing the first padRelax pillow. From the very beginning, the padRelax pillow was manufactured with the highest quality: handmade in Germany with carefully selected materials.

January 2012

Now the hard work begins. Once the padRelax pillow is ready, it must be shipped. During Christmas time, nightshifts were even necessary to manage all of the orders. Shortly after, the idea spread of the iPad pillow being sold to the first corporation. In early 2012, the first padRelax cushion was created with a corporate look.

Autumn 2012

Apple introduced the iPad mini. The matching version of the padRelax cushion appeared right after: The padRelax mini. It functions just like its big brother, but it is specifically designed for smaller devices, with a display of up to 7 inches.

Juni 2013

Pünktlich zum Sommer 2013 gibt es neuen Stoff: Frische Farben und auffällige Saison-Muster sind für kurze Zeit erhältlich. Natürlich in bewährter padRelax-Qualität und nach Oeko-Tex 100 Standard zertifiziert.

April 2014

How corny can an iPad cushion actually be? This question was put to the test in 2014 and the ultimate answer was found: a decorated pillow with ruffles and cherries. The perfect Mother’s Day Pillow, a unique accessory that was only available as a prize through our giveaway.

October 2015

After four successful years, the second generation, and the new name for the pillow, padRelax casual appears: the table holder for all sizes with a display of up to about 10 inches. The current cushion filling of micro EPS beads is even more flexible and sturdy than the polystyrene beads from the first version. After long deliberation, the revised cushion is now woven from a single source, characterizing the padRelax causal as even higher quality.

Beginning 2016

So many people were ordering the padRelax casual for their tablets and iPads that we needed to expand the production and color choices. The costs were considerable. As a result, we passed on the benefits of high quality materials, handcrafted in Germany, to our customers. The padRelax casual is now available to our customers starting at 24.00 pounds.


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