Everyone is talking about sustainability. The concept is not new. Already in 1713 in Germany, Hans Carl von Carlowitz spoke about sustainability for the first time. Today the term has evolved and expanded, but the basic principle remains the same.

Carlowitz referred to the sustainability of resources for future generations. He was concerned with maintaining the forest.
You can now find the idea of sustainability being applied to other aspects, such as the textile industry and energy sector. The principle stays the same, although there are small variations from sector to sector. One example is the textile industry. Conversations of sustainability in this sector include: the cultivation of organic cotton, the renunciation of chemicals and the compliance with guidelines that state which bleach solutions can be used.
It is also important that a company conducts business so that the production corresponds with the concepts of sustainability. This can be problematic for some corporations, who support sustainability projects yet their own production is not environmentally conscious- as their chemicals are being soaked into their earth, ruining the ground water.
Sustainability also has a social aspect, for example life-sustaining wages and decent working conditions. In this way, sustainability not only considers preserving nature but also man. Equal opportunities and the elimination of poverty should remain important goals for the future.

The focus on agriculture increases as the world population continues to grow. How should this be managed to meet the current and future increasing demand? There are various solutions: organic fertilizer instead of chemical, or the prevention of soil salinity through intensive irrigation. At the same time, it is important that animals, the environment or mankind are not negatively affected through farming.

Everyone can make a difference in their lifetime, even through small changes:
¥ Support brands that produce sustainable products
¥ Buy foods that were produced sustainably
¥ Contact your current energy provider to switch to renewable energy
¥ Use your bike and instead of your car
¥ Separate your trash and recycle

We also like to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle with our padRelax products. Through the data processing and production process in Germany, we maintain a sustainable manufacturing process. We even try to tackle the popular cultural tendency of throwing everything away by providing a lifetime warranty with all of our products.

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