padRelax Casual

The flexible pillow holder for all devices.


The optimal stand for all iPads and Tablets up to 10.5 inches tall.



Similar to a beanbag, the angle and orientation of the device can be adjusted.


Produced by hand in Germany to meet your highest demands.


The padRelax casual is the beanbag for your Tablet or iPad. It is the best option, compared to all others, because it can stand easily on uneven surfaces. This means that there is a secure grip for your device in all situations. The perfect holder for your tablet is not just some cushion, but a sophisticated, highly functional and sustainable accessory.

The padRelax pillow is filled with the finest micro EPS beads, which allows you to adjust your Tablet individually. This particular filling ensures that your device is stable and secure, even in the most unlikely of places- on the back of your chair, for example. Finally, you can enjoy your tablet or iPad wherever you want- to surf the Web, read or watch movies. Never again will you suffer from aching hands or a stiff neck. The padRelax casual is extremely useful as it gives you the extra freedom of enjoying your device wherever you’d like.

padRelax casual blue
padRelax casual Grey


We value high quality and compatibility. We apply these goals to the entire production process of each padRelax casual, which can be seen in our results. From the micro EPS bead filling to the textile choice, we only select high quality materials. The corduroy is 100% cotton and is certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, where it has been examined for different pollutants. We ensure that everyone can use and enjoy the padRelax casual carefree.

And when it gets dirty? Don’t worry! You can throw the padRelax casual in the washing machine and the dryer. Make sure to always follow the cleaning instructions that we give you.

We are very proud to offer you a unique accessory, the padRelax casual. Each individual pillow is handmade in Germany just for you. Discover the padRelax quality today. We even have extended warranties. Finally, you can enjoy your tablet or iPad to the fullest.


padRelax casual light blue
padRelax casual Pink
padRelax casual Orange
padRelax casual Lime
padRelax casual Black
padRelax casual Camel

What Our Customers Say

The handiwork of the padRelax casual is very high quality and it seems to be quite durable. I really like the design of the pillow and the seams are well sewn. I use the pillow to support my Tablet while I am sitting on the couch and surfing the web. The angle and positioning of the Tablet can be easily adjusted for typing.



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It is the perfect place to safely put your iPad. I am totally happy with the product and would definitely recommend it. The iPad fits wonderfully in the holder. I am very impressed with the quality of the padRelax pillow.



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I already had the first generation padRelax pillow and now I am a proud owner of the new version. For me, this pillow is the perfect way to relax on the couch with my iPad. The tablet rests securely on the pillow and can be angled in any position. Not only is the pillow of high quality and looks great, it is also soft and comfortable to use on your lap. It is definitely worth every penny!



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padRelax Quality

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padRelax Quality

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