Throwing away trash is so yesterday. The new trend is “making the old new” and involves creating new things from waste products. We have called it “Upcycling”. We have put together everything you need to know.

The idea is quite simple: take something old and make it into something new, whether it is plastic bottles or old sheets. You can use almost anything- the possibilities are endless! For instance, a few wooden pallets can make a bed, old car tires can make a bicycle stand and old silverware can be transformed into clothes hooks.

Online you can find a variety of “Do it Yourself” blogs with creative ideas and instructions. On Pinterest, under the heading “Upcycling”, there are a plethora of ideas. If you prefer to find your inspiration from something more tangible, there are plenty of Upcycling books, as well! Let yourself be inspired!
Upcycling doesn’t only allow you to design your own individual pieces, but it is also environmentally friendly! By recycling, you reduce the consumption of raw materials and the amount of waste. And besides being compassionate, your wallet will also thank you! Why buy a vase or lampshade, when you can simply make it yourself?

Not an avid hobbyist? No problem! On the internet you can find a variety of stores offering Upcycling products.

We can also do the work for you! Do you have a beautiful fabric that you would like to use? Or an old pair of favorite jeans that you want to revolutionize? Then submit your request and material and we will customize your own individual padRelax pillow. If you have any other unique ideas, let us know!

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