The summer, full of relaxation, is over. All you really want is to soak up the sunshine one last time. Unfortunately this cannot happen. However, it is much easier to bring the vacation home with you!

What makes the Holidays the best time of the year? Having free time to relax? You can also relax at home. The motto has never been more true, “You don’t have time, you make time”. The time is now to find relaxation and balance in your own home. Whoever does not agree, and says there is not enough time, has not thought it through. For your cannot have performance without compensation. It is known that ‘burning out’ is a widespread disease.

Try every day to make time for a small vacation, full of relaxing. It doesn’t have to be a visit to the spa. What about a 10-minute meditation right after getting up? Breathe deeply, let loose and think positively. Or once you come home, first take 15 minutes to sit and do nothing. You can daydream while staring at the wall before it is time to cook dinner or clean the bathroom.

Scientists have found that sitting and doing nothing can bring about creative ideas and solutions. Whatever you find to be the right way to relax, use it to take the time to invest in your wellbeing. Whether it is music, playing sports, spiritual rituals or drinking a cup of tea while listening to your favorite playlist. Choose your own short break to relax every single day. This is not just helping in the short run, but it also has many beneficial long-term effects.

For more information, check out the article by Brigit Schönberger at
Your padRelax team wishes you a lot of fun and relaxation!

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